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Sizing Guide

Reliance Water Heaters The Charts below provides minimum sizing recommendations, expressed according to the number of people living in the home, taking an automatic dishwasher and clothes washing machine into account. The following factors should make you consider selecting a larger or higher-input water heater.
More than two full baths in the home.
If someone is running out of hot water in the household it could be due to items such as oversized or jetted tubs, using multiple consecutive showers or several large loads of laundry. A larger capacity water heater should be considered.
An oversize whirlpool bath or large bathtub. As a rule of thumb, the water heater tank capacity should be at least 2/3 that of the bathtub. (example: 75-gallon tub/50-gallon water heater.

Reliance Sizing Guide

These sizing recommendations are also based on maximum delivered hot water temperature of 120°F, which corresponds approximately to the "HOT" setting on gas water heater thermostats. Reliance recommends that the thermostat be kept at that setting, to greatly reduce the danger of tap water scald burns.

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