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What Makes One Reliance Water Heater A Better Value Than Another?



More Hot Water!

Check Gallon Size, Input, Recovery and First Hour Output. As these numbers increase, you get what you need most: more reliable hot water!


What Makes One Reliance Water Heater A Better Value Than Another?


Is the least expensive water heater your best choice?

Probably not. A higher price tag may mean a better investment. Here's a chart that shows why...


Your Purchase
Start with the cost of a Self-Cleaning Sta-Kleen 1212 (12-Year warranty) or Self-Cleaning 909 (9-Year warranty) water heater:
Subtract the price of a 6-Year warranty water heater:
The difference in price is:
Divide by the warranty length of the self-Cleaning Sta-Kleen or Self-Cleaning 909:
How much do you pay per year for a better water heater?



A Self-Cleaning™ Water Heater Automatically Saves Money, and More!

Reliance Sta-Kleen® 1212 and Self-Cleaning™ 909 water heaters are equipped to automatically reduce sediment buildup. Buildup of lime and other sediments in the tank is very bad for a water heater. Here's why a Reliance Self-Cleaning Water Heater is good for your family!


In a water heater that is NOT self-cleaning:
Deposits of lime and other sediments create a rock-hard layer in the bottom of the tank, and build up on electric heating elements!

Sediment eats away at the tank's protective inner lining and welds. Rust soon forms, and it's just a matter of time before a leak starts!



BAD: The tank "gets smaller."
As sediment builds up, there's less room to store hot water!

BAD: High-priced hot water!
Sediment buildup coats the electric heating elements, blocking effective heat transfer. The element has to work harder and longer, and water heating costs get higher every day!

WORST: A premature leaker.



In Reliance Self-Cleaning Water Heater:
Automatic Self-Cleaning turbulence keeps sediment moving, so it doesn't build up.


Reliance Self-Cleaning water heaters are energy-efficient and stay that way, so sediment buildup won't send your water heating costs through the roof!

BETTER: A full tank of hot water!
Sediment won't take up space in Self-Cleaning, so you can always count on a full tank.
BETTER: Self-Cleaning helps keep leaks from starting!


That's why Reliance offers Self-Cleaning water heaters with 9-year or 12-year tank warranties!