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Gas Hybrid Water Heater
Features and Benefits

90% Thermal Efficiency: Saves the homeowner money in the cost of operation. This unit is more efficient than standard tankless (82%) and conventional storage models (78%).

New Category: The hybrid category takes the best attributes of tankless and storage technologies and provides the best of both worlds.

New Technology: Consumers are looking for the latest/greatest in technology, and this is the newest category in water heating with many advanced features.

Simple Installation: Similar footprint to conventional models with the same water and gas connections. The total installed cost of the hybrid unit is much less than tankless since they require special (expensive) stainless steel venting and typically require an upgraded gas line (to 3/4”). The hybrid product is a much better answer in replacement applications. A condensation drain is required due to the high efficiency performance.

Performance Enhancements: Eliminates the performance limitations associated with tankless models (minimum flow rates, maximum flow rates, pressure drop, “cold water sandwiches”) while addressing the fact that in some cases storage units will run out of hot water. This unit can provide continuous hot water…shower after shower. The Gas Hybrid Water Heater performs like a tankless (while overcoming their design flaws) but installs similar to a conventional model.

Multiple Lifestyle Modes: The unit can be adjusted based on specific lifestyles and usage patterns.

How it works

The Gas Hybrid Water Heater uses a tankless engine and a small buffer tank to deliver the benefits of both technologies. It utilizes a patented heat transfer process that takes the exhaust gas from a tankless unit and routes it back through a buffer tank. The buffer tank serves as a secondary heat exchanger to extract additional heat and transfer it to the water. The fact that this model is a hybrid of both technologies allows it to perform better than both technologies individually. The Gas Hybrid Water Heater is designed to perform the way people ACTUALLY live and use hot water. It handles the peak periods (multiple appliances, showers, dishwashers) but also can provide a continuous flow of hot water for those long draws (long showers, garden tubs).

Reliance Water HeatersReliance Water Heaters

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