Reliance 12 Year Electric Water Heaters


Reliance® 12 Year Smart Electric Water Heater with Touch Screen Controls and Leak Detection

Reliance® 12 Year Smart Electric Water Heater
w/Touch Screen and Leak Detection

Get smarter hot water from Reliance®.
Smart electric water heaters detect and protect against leaks for more peace of mind.


• Available in 9- and 12-Year Warranties

• Available in 40- and 50-Gallons

• Leak Detection Smart technology immediately alerts you of a leak (Standard on 9- and 12-Year)

• Automatic Water Shut Off Valve Automatically shuts off water supply when a leak is detected (Standard on 12-Year, optional accessory on 9-Year)

• iCOMM™ WiFi Connectivity Get notifications and manage your water heater from your smartphone

• Electronic User Interface Easily set temperature, operating mode, and child safety lock feature

•Advanced Tank Protection Extends the life of your water heater

• Premium Heating Elements More efficient and longer lasting than conventional elements, with higher recovery

• Electronic Thermostat Superior to conventional electromechanical thermostats by having no moving parts to wear out.

• Dry Fire Protection Will not allow the water heater to be turned on unless the tank is full of water, eliminating accidentally burning out the upper element

(12-Year model shown)

Reliance® 12 Year Electric Water Heater with Touch Screen Controls