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Conditions for Use:

1. Contents of the Operating Instructions Site

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c. Please be aware that some products listed on this site may no longer be available for purchase.

2. Contents of Instruction Book

a. Please note that Operating Instructions are occasionally changed to clarify or correct the content language or for other purposes. Therefore, the version displayed on the site may differ slightly from your original printed copy. Most changes are minor corrections, and do not affect operating procedures. However, please click here if you require assistance.

b. Please be aware that although your original owner’s manual may have contained certain warnings printed in color, and unless you print the manual in color, these warnings will not stand out like we intended. We are not responsible for warnings not heeded. If you have any questions about these materials, please click here if you require assistance.

3. Exemption from Responsibility

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4. Revision or Suspension of this website.

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