Technical Bulletins


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Reliance Residential Technical Bulletins

Noisy Water Heaters Bulletin
Water Hammer .PDF
Heat Traps .PDF
Mineral Build-Up .PDF
Aluminum Hydroxide .PDF
Condensation .PDF
Puddle on Floor .PDF


Water Conditions Bulletin
Discolored Water .PDF
Smelly Water .PDF
Chlorination Procedure .PDF
Milky Water .PDF
Mineral Build-Up .PDF
Water Softeners .PDF


Temperatures Bulletin
Temperature Adjustment (Residential Electric) .PDF
Temperature Adjustment (Residential Gas) .PDF
Burn Rate .PDF
Not Enough Hot Water (Gas) .PDF
Not Enough Hot Water (Electric) .PDF


Premature Failure Bulletin
Bulging Water Heater .PDF
Undersizing .PDF
Cathodic Protection .PDF
Water Softeners .PDF
Thermal Expansion .PDF
Premature Failure .PDF
Mineral Build-Up .PDF


Leaking Bulletin
Puddle on Floor .PDF
Leaking Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve .PDF


Miscellaneous Bulletin
Air Pressure Switch Technical Bulletin .PDF
Insulation Blankets .PDF
Parallel vs. Series Piping .PDF
Lime Build-up In Copper Tube Units .PDF
Combustion Air Contaminants .PDF
Gas Water Heater Conversion Policy .PDF
FVIR Technical Bulletin .PDF
Field Installation of Draft Hoods .PDF
Generic FVIR Repair Parts Instructions .PDF
Flood Damaged Water Heaters/Boilers .PDF
Piping Diagrams for Recirculating Loops .PDF